SLAB 原木大板 - Nire 楡 192


Wood Type

W1920 x D590-890 x H40 mm

Processed in JAPAN

楡 Nire


It is a deciduous tree of the Ulmus family distributed throughout Hokkaido and Kyushu. It grows wild in wetlands such as along streams in colder regions (mainly northern Japan), and is also planted in parks and streets. In Hokkaido, which is suitable for growing, there are many large trees, among which the spring elm tree of Hokkaido University is particularly famous. In addition to Japan, it is distributed in the Korean Peninsula and northeastern Asia. The tree can reach a height of more than 30 meters and is majestic in shape. The maximum diameter of the trunk exceeds 1 meter. The wood is hard and has a beautiful grain. It is sometimes used as a substitute for beech for tables, building materials, utensils and musical instruments. The wood is dark brown in color.

產品於 觀塘柏秀中心 分店陳列中。Display located in Kwun Tong Po Shau Centre Showroom.