"ALOT - After Life Of Tree"
ALOT Living 陳列各式各樣的日本傢俬及泰國傢俬,堅持一種態度,延續樹木的生命,將大自然融入家中。 ALOT Living 追求創新的自然型格風格,並積極搜羅世界各地的設計產品,輕鬆讓大家打造一個與別不同的家居環境。
ALOT 進口傢俬主要來自日本飛驒高山丶福岡大川市,北海道旭川,日本進口一枚板等等,當中包括多個獨家日本傢俬品牌和泰國傢俬品牌,日本製造 ,實木傢俬為主。

歡迎參觀 ALOT 觀塘旗艦店 / ALOT 灣仔 /ALOT 沙田HomeSquare / ALOT荃灣廣場 陳列室

ALOT showrooms display a wide range of Japanese furniture and Thailand furniture, adhering to the attitude of continuation of the life of trees, bringing nature into your home.
We pursue natural and innovative styles and actively solicit interesting design items from all around the world. With ALOT furniture and products and ideas you can create a home that in Japanese life style, living in a cozy home.

Please do not hesitate to visit ALOT showrooms ( Kwun Tong ALOT/ Wan Chai ALOT/ Sha Tin HomeSquare ALOT/ Tsuen Wan ALOT) for the best shopping experience. We look forward to seeing you soon.