SLAB 原木大板 - 櫻桃木一枚板 183 (樹脂加工)


Wood Type
Cherry Resin

W1835 x D810 - 1120 x T30 mm

Processed in JAPAN


櫻桃木 Cherry


Cherry wood is one of the most popular types of wood because it is less expensive to use than the highest quality woods, but its quality is no less than that of walnut, teak, etc. This kind of wood is mainly produced in North America and is suitable for furniture, flooring materials, smoked wood for smoking, etc., and has a wide range of uses. One of the biggest features of cherry wood is that its ducts are sparsely arranged, so the surface of the wood is smooth and there are very few unevenness. If you use it on a dining table that you touch every day, you will have a smooth and comfortable dining table. The other is "ripple mark". Also known as a ripple wave, it is a soft, undulating pattern that resembles ripples. The color shades change depending on the viewing position and angle, giving it a three-dimensional effect and giving it rich expressive power. Unique personality marks make furniture unique in the world.

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