SLAB 原木大板 - Tamo 水曲柳 180


Wood Type
Tamo Ash

W1805 x D670 - 700 x T55 mm

Processed in JAPAN

水曲柳 Tamo Ash

水曲柳耐磨防潮,乾燥收縮,不易老化變形,適用於高級家具、地板、建築室內裝潢、精緻木工製品、運動器材、工具手柄等。 現已廣泛應用於機械製造、家具製造,是高檔家具的首選。 生產的主要木材類型之一。 北海道產的水曲柳在國外備受推崇。 與其他國家的白蠟木相比,水曲柳的紋理更緊密,波浪紋更尖銳。 所以能夠呈現出修長的氣息。 因此,多用於日式房間。 水曲柳的顏色較黃。 兩者都很耐用,並且即使在壓力下也具有彈性的特性,因此它們也用於棒球棒和曲棍球棒。

Tamo Ash is wear-resistant and moisture-proof, shrinks when drying, and is not prone to aging and deformation. It is suitable for high-end furniture, floors, building interior decoration, fine woodworking products, sports equipment, tool handles, etc. Now it is widely used in machinery manufacturing and furniture manufacturing, and is the first choice for high-end furniture. One of the main types of wood produced. Tamo Ash grown in Hokkaido is highly prized abroad. Tamo Ash has a tighter grain and sharper undulations than ash from other countries. So it can show a slender atmosphere. Therefore, it is mostly used in Japanese-style rooms. The color of Tamo Ash is yellower. Both are durable and have elastic properties even under pressure, so they are also used in baseball bats and hockey sticks.

產品於 尖沙咀 K11 Musea 分店陳列中。Display located in Tsim Sha Tsui K11 Musea Showroom.