SLAB 原木大板 - Japanese Chestnut 栗木 160


Wood Type
Japanese Chestnut

W1600 x D570-700 x T55 mm

Oil Coating

Processed in JAPAN

日本栗木 Japanese Chestnut

日本栗木的特點是顏色沉穩,帶有柔和的灰調,深沉的木紋給人一種安靜的氛圍。 它非常耐用且防水,這就是為什麼它經常被用作建築材料的原因。 日本人使用栗木製作戰船,都是因為它足夠堅固。現在,栗木被用來製作家具,這種木材比普通木材更堅固,更耐用。此外,它是一種溫暖的木材,冬天摸起來溫暖,具有淺色紋理和獨特的木質感。

Japanese chestnut wood is characterized by its calm color with soft gray tones, and its deep wood grain gives a quiet atmosphere. It is very durable and waterproof, which is why it is often used as a building material. The Japanese used chestnut wood warships because it was strong enough. Nowadays, chestnut wood is used to make furniture. This wood is stronger and more durable than ordinary wood. Additionally, it is a warm wood that feels warm to the touch in winter, with a light grain and a unique woody feel.

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