SLAB 原木大板 - 非洲黑檀 150


Wood Type
African Ebony

W1500 x D800 x H55 mm

Processed in JAPAN


非洲黑檀 African Ebony


"African Ebony" refers to African Purple Sandalwood, which is mainly distributed in eastern Africa and is a deciduous small tree in the tropical rainforest. The heartwood has black or dark brown stripes, while the sapwood is milky white. The wood grains are mostly straight, slightly staggered or wavy, and the texture is uniform. It is a very dense and strong wood and is very heavy for a wood. Due to its beautiful black skin and strong material, ebony is regarded as a carving material throughout Eurasia and Africa. They can be used as various tools, such as: knives and forks, piano black keys and other musical instrument parts, Furniture components (veneers), etc.

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