PDM - Avalon Black-White

From HKD$784 HKD$980

Avalon is inspired by the urban pace, fleeting lights and moments that within themselves form a never-ending maze-like perpetually re-forming city.

Designer: Sini Henttonen

Material: Polypropylene

S - 900 x 2000 mm
M - 1500 x 2400 mm
L - 1800 x 2700mm

Design and Manufactured in Thailand


PDM地氈與一般的毛毛地氈比較,改用了環保纖維製作,不容易惹塵埃或積聚塵蟎,更抗菌。只需吸塵機吸去垃圾紙屑,用濕抹布輕輕一抹就可以了, 非常容易清潔打理。如想全面清洗,還可以直接用清水潔淨,適合有小朋友和寵物家庭使用。

而且,PDM 地氈系列不定時會推出新款式!除了一般幾何圖案或民族圖案款式外,還有簡約大地單色系列,某些圖案款式更可以雙面使用,一次可以擁有兩個地氈圖案,非常實用!


預訂時間 Approximate Lead Time: 1 Months (± 2 weeks)
*到貨時間會訂單截止日期和清關情況影響。請向我們查詢最新的到貨時間。The lead time depends on the order cut-off date and the situation in clearing customs. Please enquire our staff for more information.
*Depend on stock situation in Thailand, the lead time might varies.