Lemnos - Perch table clock mini


Wood Type
ABS resin, Glass

W150 × H161 × D62mm

Design in JAPAN
Made in JAPAN

*With Stand

A small clock with hands in the form of leaves and an insect.
Once an hour, as the minute hand crosses the hour hand, the insect rests its wings on the leaf. Seeing it take a break on the leaf makes you feel like something good will happen when you look up at the clock. A wonderful story was born by representing the clock hands as leaves and an insect.
It can serve as both a wall clock and a table clock using a special stand.

Lemnos 趣怪昆蟲Perch clock系列,新推出Mini 版本!而且可以兩用,可以座枱小時鐘,也可掛牆。外型使用了白色簡約設計,最趣怪的莫過於時鐘上的小昆蟲。隨着時間的流動,小昆蟲的時針將與葉子形狀的時針重疊,變成小昆蟲在葉子上休息的模樣,十分可愛。而且款式還有兩種,包括Ladybird 瓢蟲及Colias erate 紋黃蝶。
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