Lemnos - CARVED Clock

From HKD$640

Mineral-Based Artificial Wood

L - φ305 × d42mm
S - φ240 × d42mm

Design in JAPAN
Made in JAPAN

*Good Design Award 2010(Japan)
*A’ Design Award & Competition 2018 / Silver(Italy)

由日本建築大師寺田尚樹操刀的CARVED Clock 此系列給人的印象是數字有如從鐘面上雕刻出來,而且時鐘數字清晰閱讀,平衡了美觀的簡約設計與實用的要求。此時鐘更獲得Good Design Award 及 A’Design Award & Competition 設計獎項。
By Lemnos

預訂時間 Approximate Lead Time: 1.5 Month (± 2 weeks)
*到貨時間會訂單截止日期和清關情況影響。請向我們查詢最新的到貨時間。The lead time depends on the order cut-off date and the situation in clearing customs. Please enquire our staff for more information.
本店為Lemnos香港代理,販售的Lemnos產品於香港均可以正常使用,由於日本有時計電波,因此日本版的Lemnos產品於香港使用有機會會出現異常。Please note that we are an authorised dealer of Lemnos. All Lemnos products sold can be used normally in Hong Kong. The Japanese version of Lemnos products can only be used in Japan with radio-controlled function and could be malfunctioned in Hong Kong.