HIRASHIMA - Original Maintenance Kit


● Instruction manual
● Oil 100ml x 1
● Sandpaper #320 x 2  #240 x 2
● Application wood x 1
● Cloth (for application and wiping) x 2
● Gloves x 2 set

*This kit set designed for general table maintenance twice. But the amount of oil used depends on the condition of the item. 

How to Use
1) Sand the scratch with sand paper (sand with the same direction of wood grain). Wipe off the dust and clean the table until it dried. (For serious scratches, please use #240 sand paper than #320 sand paper)

2) Shake the oil until it mixed well. Put on the gloves and pour some oil on the cloth. Apply it thinly and evenly on the item. 

3) After application, leave the oil to soak in for 1-2 hours. If will dry complete for half day. 

Made in JAPAN