HIDA Sangyo - SEOTO Arm Chair


Wood Type
Oak / Beech / Walnut

Japan Type
W570 x D510 x H740 (SH420) mm
High Type
W570 x D510 x H780 (SH460) mm

Design in JAPAN
Made in JAPAN

Wood Type: Oak
Cover Materials
Seat Height
W570 x D510 x H740 (SH420) mm
預訂時間 LEAD TIME • 2 Months (± 2 weeks)

ALOT 進口傢俬主要來自日本中部、福岡、北海道以及泰國,所以到貨時間會就不同品牌的訂單截止日期,和到香港後清關情況影響。請向我們查詢最新的到貨時間。

ALOT imports furniture mainly from central Japan, Fukuoka, Hokkaido and Thailand, so the arrival time will be affected by the order deadlines of different brands and the customs clearance situation after arriving in Hong Kong. Please check with us for the latest arrival time.

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