D-Style - Mile No.13 角枕

Color: Green/ Demin/ Stripe

Size: Around 30 x 15 cm

Made of Igusa (い草), denim and urethane

Designed and made in JAPAN

IKEHIKO were founded in 1886 by Ikegami Hikotaro (池上彦太郎) in Fukuoka, Japan. We started off as a small tatami shop, and has grown into a full-fledged interior product company with a staff of over 360. We now have branch offices all over the country including Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo.

We design and sell all kinds of Igusa products, as well as warm "Kotatsu" futons for the winter.

預訂時間 Approximate Lead Time: 1 Month (± 2 weeks)
*到貨時間會訂單截止日期和清關情況影響。請向我們查詢最新的到貨時間。The lead time depends on the order cut-off date and the situation in clearing customs. Please enquire our staff for more information.