Clearance Sale - 丸田木工 - Popolo Shoe Box W884 D435

HKD$14,880 HKD$18,660

Wood Type
Alder / Maple / Oak / Walnut

W884 x D435 x H1082 mm

Designed in JAPAN
Made in JAPAN

*Brand new stock in Japan. Need 1 Month to Deliver to Hong Kong. 

購買後需要在3個月內取貨/送貨,超過3個月每月收取貨品價格5%做存倉費。After purchase, the goods need to be picked up/delivered within 3 months. Otherwise a storage fee of 5% of the product price will be charged every month.

此產品只供網上購買,暫時不設陳列。This product is only available for online purchase and is not currently on display.

此特價產品不能退貨/換貨/退款。All outlet items cannot be returned/exchanged/refunded.
一經購買代表已知悉以上條款。ALOT Living Limited 保留最終決定權。Once purchased, it means that you are aware of the above terms. ALOT Living Limited reserves the right of final decision.