2024 HIRASHIMA Agile Campaign Gift - AGILE Stool Wooden


活動由即日起至2024年5月31日,凡購買任何尺寸AGILE Circle Dining TableAGILE Rectangle Dining Table乙張,
配上同一系列的椅子兩張 (AGILE Side Chair/Round Chair),
即可享組合 85優惠,更可免費獲得AGILE Stool (Wooden)乙張。

Wood Type
Oak / Walnut

W390 x D390 x H430 mm

Designed in JAPAN
Made in JAPAN

Wood Type
預訂時間 Approximate Lead Time: 2.5 Months (± 2 weeks)
*到貨時間會訂單截止日期和清關情況影響。請向我們查詢最新的到貨時間。The lead time depends on the order cut-off date and the situation in clearing customs. Please enquire our staff for more information.
Lead Time depends on series. Please consult our staff for the lead time.