SLAB 原木大板 - Black Walnut 黑胡桃木210


Wood Type
Black Walnut

W2100 x D720 - 740 x H44 mm

Oil Coating

Processed in JAPAN

黑胡桃木 Black Walnut

黑胡桃木是北美最受歡迎的樹種之一。 其可加工性高,加上其豐富的棕色色調,使該木材在溫帶硬木中獨樹一幟。 最重要的是,木材還具有良好的尺寸穩定性、抗衝擊性和強度特性。

黑胡桃木紋理通常是直的,但也可以有不規則的山形紋路。具有中等質感和適度的自然光澤。 如果紋理筆直且規則,通常很容易加工。心材的顏色範圍可以從淺淺棕色到深巧克力棕色,並帶有深棕色條紋。 顏色有時會偏灰色、紫色或微紅色。 邊材為淺黃灰色至近白色。 還可以看到花紋紋理,例如捲曲紋路和樹節。

黑胡桃木是一種優質硬木,其在各種應用中的使用通常製作高品質而美觀的成品。 這種木材也因其可加工性而受到重視,使工匠能夠創造出複雜而精緻的作品。

Black walnut is one of the most popular tree species in North America. Its high workability, coupled with its rich brown hue, make the wood unique among temperate hardwoods. On top of that, wood also has good dimensional stability, impact resistance and strength properties.

The grain of black walnut is usually straight, but it can also have irregular gable grain. Has a medium texture and moderate natural shine. If the grain is straight and regular, it is usually easy to work. Heartwood can range in color from light to dark chocolate brown with dark brown streaks. The color can sometimes be grey, purple or reddish. The sapwood is light yellowish gray to almost white. Pattern textures such as curling lines and tree knots can also be seen.

Black walnut is a premium hardwood whose use in a variety of applications often produces high-quality and beautiful finished products. This wood is also valued for its workability, allowing craftsmen to create intricate and refined pieces.

產品於 尖沙咀 K11 Musea 分店陳列中。Display located in Tsim Sha Tsui K11 Musea Showroom.